We at hautemess believe great food starts with fresh, natural, ingredients. Locally grown, seasonal produce is best. This ensures the quality of the ingredients, your nutritional benefit, and the livelihood of local farmers and communities.

We also believe in diversity and originality in the kitchen. Our eclectic culinary backgrounds paired with a passion for experimentation with flavor profiles drive our creativity and our business. Whether we are preparing traditional dishes from Italy, or getting funky with Pacific-rim or world-fusion, we will tickle your taste buds.

Finally, we believe EVERYONE should cook. It’s just that we are a little better at it than everyone else. Haha, just kidding. We’ll teach you anything you wanna know. In addition to catering your special event or dinner party, we offer cooking demonstrations. It is our pleasure to inform and educate those around us of the benefits of healthy, natural food, as well as just how amazing it can taste.