Roy Handler offers a unique yet classical approach to cooking. His philosophy is “to be prepared, instinctive, and confident, use fresh ingredients and never follow a recipe to exact proportions. This mindset allows you to create and improvise as you go. 20 years of cooking in ridiculous kitchens has taught me invaluable lessons on how to prepare and get the most out of what you have. Cooking great food comes from within. If you have ever fallen in love with a grilled avocado, you know what I’m talking about.”


Meghann Wright was inspired to cook by her mother and father who exposed her to the ins and outs of gourmet cooking and the restaurant business at a young age. Growing up in the cultural melting pot of Hawaii, she gained experience and influence from Asian and Polynesian cuisine. Upon arriving on the Mainland, she fostered an interest in traditional American and European fare. Having been a vegan and vegetarian for about ten years, she developed her own animal-friendly repertoire. She now enjoys experimentation in fusing her influences together with local, natural ingredients to create simple, delicious food.